Our full-scale service sees us being involved from the conception of a space to the final realization of a project. This is a turnkey process that sees lighting design integrated seamlessly into the architecture and interiors of your home, office or commercial project.

The first stage of this process sees Enlighten work with your designer on the aesthetic vision and creative intent for the project. The functions of the space and the natural light in relation to spatial proportions are considered.

The client is then provided with the concept and schematic lighting proposal, featuring appropriate architectural lighting solutions (in line with construction guidelines) and selected decorative lighting fixtures, their allocation and integration with other sources of light.

Throughout, the process is a symbiotic one between our own lighting experts, the design team and the client. The possibility of creating customized sizes or finishes of standard products is discussed as well as the intricacies of technical coordination and the development of a budget according to project guidelines.

And finally a beautiful enlightened space is delivered, with all the aesthetic and technical support required from the designer and the client.

The result? A seamless experience and a stunning spaceā€¦