• Industrial Elegance


    Dramatic. Elegant industrial inspired fixtures act as a focal point in the main space of this contemporary house designed by Hala Saleh of TDF. In contrast, discreet lighting is used to highlight textures, finishes and art without taking away from their presence. An interesting story of geometry is narrated through the unique placement of lighting fixtures in the house.

  • The Contemporary Twist

    Juxtaposing sleek architectural lighting against classical interiors to provide a contemporary twist to the space and fulfill the lighting function as necessary. Unconventional use of modern technical lighting to accentuate the unique architectural details and create a strong contrast with the elaborate interiors. Two modern vertical painting lights are used to bring out a classical painting and highlight the double height acting as a statement within the main space.


    Intimate and cozy, the owner's art collection takes precedence in this stylish Nile view apartment, with the lighting designed to spotlight the stunning art pieces. Unconventional placement of the fixtures, for example an elegant chandelier tucked into a corner and three wall scones atop each other, balanced with architectural lighting for the huge painting, make for a visually engaging and memorable effect. Down lights are used sparingly throughout the space, highlighting coffee tables or sculptures., and are complemented by vintage table lamps and a unique linear chandelier in the dining room. Simple fixtures are spread artistically around the terrace overlooking the Nile, making it cozy and warm.


    A unified linear light theme diffuses a spirit of practicality and efficiency. Fixtures fall into place to effortlessly and beautifully accentuate every architectural detail. Rays of light bring out the simple design, filling the space with positive energy and happiness. A special LED fixture is utilised to light the small study corner brilliantly.


    In a mix of several contemporary and modern design schools, light becomes the binding glue that not only connects the different styles, but also distinguishes and ushers in smooth transitions between them. The fixture selection and placement play a key role. One one hand, the architectural fixtures in a gold leaf finish used in the foyer provide a warmth and richness in contrast with the stark staircase, while the main reception area is lit with discreet projectors highlighting the stunning art collection. The multi-level living room and home office glow with a lively combination of round fixtures and spotlights that can easily provide varying lighting conditions to suit moods and activities.


    A wash of light naturally guides one's eye from the doorstep to the main attraction of this apartment, its breathtaking view of the Nile and the lively old city skyline. The concept of sheets of light follows throughout the space, filling it with serenity. Sophisticated thin light profiles are used to highlight the wall plasterwork, whereas stronger projector profiles were employed for the larger sculpted works.


    Enlighten worked with Hala Saleh, founder of The Design Firm on this sprawling summerhouse on Egypt’s North Coast with linear fixtures and picture-perfect pieces chosen to complement and spotlight the resort-style setting and azure-inspired colours that accent the spaces. Inside, lines of light are used in abstract form. The stair fixtures emit a linear light while in the main reception combinations of linear fixtures are used to complement the wooden screens . Simple architectural fixtures are used to portray the art pieces as focal points in each space. Outside, beautiful beams of light illuminating the elevations are replicated on the ground to create an L-shape with the light. Fixtures placed on the terrace draw the eyes towards the outdoors, and are aligned with narrow beams of light to truly showcase the picture-perfect pool, highlighting the depth and shades of blue, rather than the traditional use of over-lighting.


    This haute-holiday home on Egypt’s North Coast saw Enlighten partner with TDF again and throw a serene washes of light in various spaces throughout the house with perforated walls in sheets of lights. The designer had created a series of perforated metal sheets and enlisted enlighten to build a lighting scene around the concept. This was used to illuminate the water feature with sheets of light as well as the bar-wall in the garden. To bring the outside in, the curved lines of the pool, which are accentuated by placement of side emitters along its border and are duplicated in the placement of down lights inside the house.


    enlighten created some truly cutting-edge concepts for the facades and outdoors of this stunning suburban home. Sheets of light were thrown onto the window rather than lighting the building itself to create the impression that the house is glowing from the inside as you approach. This concept was followed throughout, using planes of light at the main entrance ceiling and walls, as well as in the pool, where thin sheets of light seemingly cut through the lateral surface of the water, rather than the traditional use of beams of light. A stunning decorative fixture was chosen for every room, in different luxurious finishes and textures, but the true masterpiece lies in the entrance of the villa. This custom designed installation was hand-made of hundreds of pieces of Murano loops knitted together and drawing from the colors used in the in the interiors. The overall effect is that of a floating carpet. In the midst of a dark ceiling this is the only piece that glows to striking effect, with hidden projectors throwing light on the stunning art collection on the walls.


    Nestled on the shores of Egypt’s Mediterranean North Coast, this stunning summer home was designed by Hala Saleh of the The Design Firm. To highlight the different materials chosen by the designer – from wood on the ceilings to blue painted epoxy flooring, one linear lighting fixture was used on the ceilings and under the kitchen step. Meanwhile two linear wall scones were placed in the dining room across from the main seating area to tie the whole concept together, with down lights placed only where strictly necessary to spotlight unique pieces of art or furniture


    Discreet lighting fixtures are used in this beautiful Cairo apartment to create the classical look desired by award-winning designer Mohamed Noaman of Dar Noama. The use of industrial looking fixtures for the architectural lighting in this classical interior serves to highlight the functionality without allowing the lighting fixtures to become the focal point. In this instance it is about the effect and not the fixture.


    Simple and sleek lighting fixtures were chosen to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to complement without distracting from the breathtaking view of the Pyramids. Outside, narrow beams of led-light on the facades and pergola give this villa a more contemporary look, with blue lit palm trees reflecting the color of the pool and contrasting with the color of the house itself. Designer Mohamed Noaman selected three large black and clear Murano glass chandeliers, making a striking statement within the double-height ceiling.