Innovative and inspirational lighting design can influence, shape and improve our lives bringing science, poetry, function, and philosophy together. Enlighten’s integrated and comprehensive lighting consultancy and design services as well as our unique creative lighting solutions and products bring your interiors and exteriors to life. Colors and textures are brought into relief; furnishings and accessories are made richer, playing a more meaningful role within the aesthetics of the space. Commercial and residential spaces are elevated into experiences. The final effect is transformative.

The process of Enlightenment starts at the moment when a building or home is conceptualized. We work closely with interior designers and architects to serve their vision, designing with light to ensure seamless and integrated results. Working on both architectural and decorative lighting, we serve as a one-stop shop for all the lighting needs of any project big or small.

Whether you require full-scale Enlightenment or simply the perfect lighting products to put the final touches to your home, we are happy to lend our expertise, priding ourselves on catering to diverse budgets and always delivering to deadline.

Working with cutting edge technologies, inspired by the very latest trends, and providing 360-degree lighting solutions, Enlighten is not simply a design-house, a consultant or a store. Enlighten is a destination.